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Expomeat 2017 By Ilce Maria Silveira, Frigonews Magazine Director The inexistence of the void guided one of the most important debates in the history of philosophy, and then of physics. Until now the matter is controversial. But if you...

By Ilce Maria Silveira, Frigonews Magazine Director

The inexistence of the void guided one of the most important debates in the history of philosophy, and then of physics. Until now the matter is controversial. But if you cannot state categorically that nature abhors the void, it is safe to say that the marketing in the commercial and industrial activity also does. The current situation of the production chain of animal protein reflects, as it should be, the effects of an economic crisis still without defined horizons, while maintaining its enormous potential thanks to the excellent work done over time by its leaders, witnessed by the pioneer Dipemar group, headed by Maria Antonia Siqueira Ferreira, creator, organizer and director of an entire marketing and media set.

Returning from a long sabbatical, developing successfully her sensitivity in the world of art, she never failed to monitor the activity of all sectors of this production chain. So, from the perspective of Maria Antonia, each sector has its own characteristics, coinciding, however, that this is the time for productivity to cover this void.

It must be emphasized that in the case of beef and chicken, Brazil stands as the world's main exporter and, in fact, if you can capture a sizeable share of the world market growth, the country will have to magnify the domestic production. This would result in exponential profits and, particularly in the case of the production chain of beef, the possibility of accelerating the indispensable process of intensification of productivity through significant gains in productivity.

Regarding the chain pork production, Maria Antonia considers that a major expansion of exports will represent the possibility to reach a dreamed larger scale of production and, above all, greater stability of demand, whose disability has been responsible for many industry cyclical crises. This will bring highly beneficial consequences not only on the competitiveness of Brazilian products, but also in penetrating the internal market itself.

The experience in monitoring the fishing industry accumulated by the editing of National Fishery Magazine since its first release, whose activity has always counted on the participation of her father in the historic formatting, grants Maria Antonia fundamental knowledge to expound authoritatively her analysis of the current moment.

For Maria Antonia, all alleles involved in Brazilian fish farming need to be aware of the necessity to give qualitative and quantitative steps in the process of maturation and professionalization. For this to happen, some immediate actions are required, primarily in the marketing area.

These actions are needed to organize and seek the best ways of communicating with consumers in order to have better value placement, visibility, and transparency on the nutritional and market attributes of the product.

All this expertise of Maria Antonia prepares her return to the market focusing on the existing void in the task of enhancing the synergy of the processing chain of animal protein. The consequence will be the exhibition, dissemination and promotion of the most updated set of inputs for meat, dairy, and fish processing.

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